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The logo of Cosvitec has always been the fastest testimony and representation of the company's mission and vision. Through the logo we wanted to represent the view of our company since its foundation, the attention paid to technology transfer, innovation and research.

When the Cosvitec Consortium was founded, its first logo was the following:


Logo Prima edizione

This first version of the company logo wanted to emphasize the importance of technology based on shared knowledge. The C from Cosvitec is a stylization of a greek theater and at the same time a mechanical element. In the second version of the logo it was decided to include the full name of the consortium and the C from Cosvitec is, in addition to the greek theater, the center of culture, even a mechanical element connected to a gear. In a word, the culture, research and technology  relate to each other to create innovation. The insertion of the words in the lower part of the logo wants to emphasize the importance of technology transfer industry.Seconda edizione del logo di Cosvitec

Logo Seconda edizione 150x150

In the latest edition of the logo, we choose the original colors of the first version, but completely renewed the entire logo. With the new logo, the Cosvitec wants to describe the consortium, composed of representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises, University Departments. It was chosen a stylization of the deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecule of life. The DNA is outlined to the right of the name of Cosvitec, as the  symbol of scientific research, innovation, training in excellence and technology transfer.

Logo Terza edizione 150x150