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United Schools is the Language Center Institute which acts as a support to Cosvitec for language training.
The knowledge and experience gained over the years thanks to a highly qualified staff and collaboration with a large number of companies both nationally and internationally mean that our Center is able to offer different types of courses which range from General English to Business English, from corporate courses to individual ones, from the preparation for the international certification courses to specific language needs courses (medical, legal, commercial English, etc.).
Our teachers are all strictly native speakers graduates, qualified to teach with several years of experience in language training.
Our team is able to offer the best solutions in relation to your real needs and with the best balance between quality of services and resources invested.
Each language program will be created after a thorough evaluation analysis which takes into account various aspects such as the availability of time of each party concerned, its linguistic objectives and especially its starting level of knowledge of the language. This will be evaluated with an Entrance Test that will determine the level of the Common European Framework (common European scheme) of belonging..
The process of creating a linguistic path adapted to the needs of each student consists of 4 stages:
- Determination of the starting level after the pattern of CEF (Common European Framework);
- Development of a Placement Test required to assess the ability of each language;
- Analysis of needs to analyze the linguistic needs of each student;
- Establishment of the linguistic level identifying objectives in terms of levels, content and timing of implementation.
Anyone interested in our language training programs may contact us at the numbers 0812133251 or send an email to
.Info line United Schools
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