Cosvitec società consortile a responsabilità limitata
The services
It offers management consulting and training: organization of corporate research and development, marketing, executive , managerial, operational, logistics training (production planning and control, purchasing, warehouse and distribution).
In the context of industrial consulting and quality systems it offers support during the preparation of: quality systems according to the UNI EN ISO 9000 and ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, GlobalGAP, environmental management systems according to ISO 14000 ECO-Audit HACCP systems, Catering Organisations Services.
Cosvitec is a leading provider of services to companies in the following areas.
- Internationalization
- Business Research & Development
- Technology Transfer – Planning
It also offers its consultancy service for: planning, implementation and evaluation of disciplinary supply chain, design, implementation manuals and product traceability.
COSVITEC  also deals with the implementation of   conventions and conferences of national and international importance.
The  laboratories
COSVITEC has the expertise and all the latest equipment necessary not only for basic microbiological analysis, but also for research in the food sector. Our laboratories can check your products collected all over the country with microbiological, chemical, and chemo-physical analysis.



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Cosvitec relies on  United Schools which is the Language center Institute for the provision of linguistics training.