Logo Progetto QUATER
“Total Quality for the Food and Wine Industry and Catering.”
Implemented in the consular jurisdiction of Curitiba in Brazil.
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“Master in Management and Traceability of  the  Zootechnical Sector”. Implemented  in the consular jurisdiction of La Plata in Argentina
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Photos of  MSQA Master I edition

Logo MSQA piccolo per linkMaster in quality systems management in the agro-industrial sector

National Operational Program “Scientific Research, Technological Development, Higher Education” 2000-2006 Objective 1 – Axis III – Measure III. 4
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Photos of the master Gesiqua
logo gesisqua small“Responsible for the management of quality systems in the agro-alimentary sector”.
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Logo AgroqualityMaster in ” Process & product Certification in the food and agro-industrial industry: traceability, branding and identity promotion, integrated marketing for a quality development.”
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