About Us


COSVITEC  – University and Business is a consortium company with limited liability, founded as a Consortium in 2001, from the evolution of Territorial Interest Group (Gruppo di Interesse Territoriale – GIT ), promoted and established  in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, to contribute to the planning of the EU Structural Funds 2000-2006.

Cosvitec has the function of transferring with bottom-up approach the needs of scientific research, innovation and higher education present in Southern Italy and the removal of constraints and barriers in local development.  It operates at national and international level, by offering consulting and analytical services having as reference a professional team able to satisfy every requirement of the customers.

Cosvitec is credited for educational activities in the Region of Campania under the resolution of the Regional Council  n. ° 226/06 with 143/10/04 accreditation code.

Its research laboratories are credited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in the following areas:

73.1 – Research and experimental development in the field of natural sciences and engineering;

73.2 – Research and experimental development in the field of human and social sciences;

Cosvitec, in collaboration with small and medium businesses, University Departments and extensive partnership guarantee quality services: Higher Education, Innovation consulting, Research, Technological transfer, Development and Management of financed projects. It operates according to the latest demands of change:  responds to the need Training and Continuous  Upgrading of Human Resources through the adjustment of Knowledge (knowledge), of Professionalism (skills), and Behavior (interpersonal skills).

The training courses use forefront teaching methods (Lectures, Role Playing, Workgroup, Simulations, Project Work, Outdoor Training, Distance Learning courses, etc. ) and ensuring meaningful internships at companies in the industry, suitable for the the transfer of specific know-how.

Cosvitec is active on the international market with a series of projects and partnerships that make it a "Global Consultant". Provides  a qualified point of reference in the management of individual and organizational growth processes, specifically:

-it properly supports customers and trace the most suitable route to the enhancement and improvement of organizational and productive processes using highly innovative and quick to use technologies and applications;

- provides the most appropriate training opportunities to meet the demands of the labor market through courses aimed at the creation of professional figures qualitatively innovative;

-provides consultancy and support to different companies for a proper use of public funding opportunities (EU funds, ministerial, regional and provincial funds);

- coordinates and integrates activities of research and development carried out by the internal technical resources to companies in collaboration with the specialized skills available within the University;

- organizes conferences and relevant regional, national and international level public events .

Moreover, it offers its directional-formative  advisory in the following areas:

- Organization of Research and Business Development

- Marketing

- Directional, managerial, operational training

- Practical preaparation for the request of subsidized loans

- Logistics (production planning and control, purchasing, warehouse and distribution).

Its Area Design develops and implements regional, national, European and international oprojects and offers the following services:

- Support to the predisposition of systems of quality according to the Norms UNI EN ISO 9001 , systems of environmental management according to the Norms  ISO 14000 ECO-Audit e sistemi H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Risk Management).

- Design, implementation and verification of specifications production chain.

- Support the preparation "Blue Label" for the catering sector.