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Cosvitec Società consortile a responsabilità limitata
Cosvitec, in partnership with businesses and with public and private institutions, designs and implements nationally and internationally publicly funded initiatives that are highly innovative in methods of intervention in its contents and tools.
Updating and improving the professional skills is the best way of investing for the future. The "career" and integration in the work field require the best use of technologies to meet ambitious targets.  The financed projects submitted and approved by the Public institutions (Campania Region, provinces and ministries) answer the need of new models of education for all businesses.
The projects feature innovative methods of intervention and operating flexibility. Over the years , Cosvitec has carried out projects of Research, Training and Territorial Development. The experience gained allowed us to specialize the know-how and actions taken in a number of industries. Cosvitec works and has worked in the areas of agro-food, environmental, catering, supply chain of the meat, etc .
Cosvitec divides the planning steps in this way:
Context Analysis – Identifying the need for the basis on which to project.
Planning – Cosvitec with its experts prepare an ad Hoc draft for the implementation of the intervention targeted.

Implementation – This is the moment when is translated into reality what was planned. To do so you must follow the directives of designs implementation formulated ad hoc. In this and in all the other phases of the design the staff involved and all stakeholders make operational monitoring and control briefing

Evaluation – It is the stage of most importance. It is the phase when are checked, with appropriate instruments defined in the analysis phase of the needs, the results of the training.

Partner Search from COSVITEC – Italy

Programme: Erasmus  +

Deadline: 17  March  2013


Contact person:

Name: Mario Lombardi , Roberta Luongo

Title/profession: Project Manager

E-mail: project[@]

Telephone: 00390815621292

Address: via Galileo Ferraris, 171 80142 Naples