Distance Learning

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Cosvitec realizes its training using implementation methods specific to the course objectives. For this reason, it chooses its teachers among academic excellence and  best consultants in the economic and productive world. In order to provide an effective education system, Cosvitec, also uses distance learning: a valuable way of learning  without space constraints (it is not necessary for  the learner and the teacher to be present in the same place) and time (the learner benefits from the training courses at the most congenial times, compatible with commitments and professional activity).
This form of learning is fundamental to deepen specific matters faced in the classroom or during the internship period. Therefore, Cosvitec, facilitates self-learning based on independent study of the  teaching material, that consists of lecture notes, insights and video lessons.
The material provided, by its very digital nature, can be modified, implemented, distributed and operated with great ductility (under the supervision of the Technical Scientific Committee).
If you decide to create a course using the distance learning platform of Cosvitec, has the possibility to test himself by using carefully planned tests. Cosvitec also realizes synchronous lessons using telematics technology and prepares personalized educational materials according to the type or duration of each course. Each course is an opportunity for specialization and one to one or one to many communication.
The delivered training courses are structured to give every student a real opportunity to improve their skills and professionalism.
In summary, distance learning is implemented using the following tools:
- Digital Handouts
- Video lessons
- Video presentations
- Learning units and surveys
- Simultaneous Meetings.
Learners benefit from a great advantage, traceability and verifiability of their work, assessed and monitored in real time by the teachers and the tutor. The use of distance learning platform, ultimately ensures a fruitful confrontation which occurs by using instruments such as: dedicated personal email, thematic forums and the creation of an e-community with the teachers.