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Partner Search from COSVITEC – Italy

Programme: Erasmus  +

Deadline: 17  March  2014


Contact person:

Name: Mario Lombardi , Roberta Luongo

Title/profession: Project Manager


Telephone: 00390815621292

Address: via Galileo Ferraris, 171 80142 Naples





Cosvitec is a Research and High Education/Training Centre in Italy; its collaboration with University, Research Centres, High-Tech Companies, and Small and Medium Enterprises is based on the specific aim to offer technological transfer services and to sustain innovation, but also to develop and manage research and high-education projects, funded by Community, National and Regional programs.

Thanks to its great experience in the Education field, our team is able to provide a really qualified Education Service. Our consultants and teachers’ knowledge makes us able to understand the new technologies and the way they can be profitably used according to the labour market needs.

Cosvitec offers specific know-how  to its Customers as regards Education programs planning and organization. The long experience in Project Management and Education processes, gives the possibility to provide customized solutions able to satisfy each specific need, working together with the Customer during all the Education process

The best way to invest on future is to increase professional competences. The “career” and the entrance in the labour market are based on our capability to use technologies in order to reach ambitious goals. The funded projects approved by Public Bodies (Regione Campania, Provinces and Ministers) provide new education models.

The projects are characterized by innovative methods and operational flexibility.

Cosvitec education proposals are intended to meet different business needs through the professional growth. All our programs are intended to provide specialized competences according to the labour market needs.

The Education Division is involved in the creation of projects funded by the EU, above all as regards the regional and provincial announcements.

The custom-made education makes it possible to modify, integrate or deepen the themes inserted in Catalogue Courses, according to the needs of the Company, where the most of ad hoc courses take place.



Partners searched:

Vocational Education Centres, Universities, Colleges, Adult Education Centres, Companies


Key words: Apprenticeship – training on the job- Mobility




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Partnerships. COSVITEC, da anni impegnata nell’implementazione di attività a favore delle fasce più giovani della popalzione, cerca Partners in vista della sua candidatura allo Youth in Action Programme
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Youth Support Systems – Sub-action 4.6
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